Friday, November 04, 2005

Mixed Work

This sequence of pix goes back a few trips to earlier this year, when Roberto brought Beatriz and Magali over and we did a pretty serious 10 day stint which took in different kinds of work. The first job involved taking the tarpaulin top off the chill out space that is on top of the roof -- hence, 3 storeys up. The replacement roof was galvanised metal 'look like' tiles. Light, strong, durable, and a pretty good colour match to the real thing.

A second job involved puttting some lamps in the front and back courtyards. I kitted these out with coloured fluro tubes like those featured in an earlier post that showed the barbeque.

The third job involved building a fountain in the front courtyard. We also put a small fountain next to the barbeque in the back courtyard, but to date there are no good photos of this fountain to show.

Magali began walking on this trip. She was never far away. In fact, for me, this was a very special time. The house was full of life, with lots of laughter, and a lot of cheering when Magali got that step after step walking thing right.


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