Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Big Spill

There is no mistaking the fact that this was one long and hard semester. It began with a fall (and 2 fractured vertebrae) in Coatepec immediately before flying to Cairns for a James Cook University stint, and finished with falls of an altogether different kind. The rest was mere meat in the sandwich. But it was a LOT of meat. Writing the new edition of our New Literacies book with Michele, working on the ARC project, continuing work on the Handbook of New Literacies Research and on two other books, writing papers out of the ARC project, editing a couple of issues of our E-Learning online journal, and then the AERA conference in San Francisco, after a few days of bill paying and land deeds signing in Mexico, and finally -- almost -- a 2 month stint working at McGill. Immediately after finishing at McGill we had a workshop to do in Mississauga -- our second drive in 10 days from Montreal to Toronto, with a workshopping trip to Prince Edward Island in between. But the Mississauga workshop marked the end of the semester so far as we were concerned. After checking out of the Mississauga Delta hotel it was a drive back to New Jersey (for a day prior to flying down to Mexico) via the Niagara Falls.

It was a lovely early summer day, and the car was travelling well. Around the side of Lake Ontario, through Hamilton, where I saw Joan Jett in November 1991, and onto the falls.

The Falls themselves were on excellent behaviour -- if anything they were a little TOO eager, since the water volume generated a mist that clouded out a fair bit of the action. The pix tell the story.


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