Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bottle Coving: A Walk to the Northern Headland

The weather on the weekend was beautiful and Bottle Cove was on great form. The builders, Gary and Ray, had made great progress working on the barn. A water supply had been installed and most of the bathroom under the stairs had been completed. There was still no electricity or connected running water, but things were definitely comfortable enough for camping over the weekend.

About the water supply: there is a spring about half a kilometre up the road. Our neighbour, Perry, whose boat summers at the end of our land, organised for us to be able to tap into the spring on the basis of renovating the well that feeds from the spring. Gary and Ray renovated the well and then got Roger Sheppard to run a channel all along the roadside from the well to our land. Along the way they provided nice branch off feeds to Perry's house as well as to the home of the neighbour whose land we had to cross to get to our place. The outcome was a perfect Newfoundland arrangement. Water for us without having to dig a well; a repaired well for a neighbour; additional water for Perry; and water for our previously 'unwatered' neighbour -- all for much much less than the cost of digging a new well.

You have to love it. And the water, being spring water, is cool and crystal clear, and perfect for drinking.

On the Saturday afternoon we decided to take a walk to the northern headland of the cove to see how things looked from there. We walked round to the carpark where the track to the headland begins, and then followed the track. Part way we came to a meadow with wildflowers that looks out over the coast. We spent some time there and then took the track to the headland.


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