Friday, August 25, 2006

Celebrating the Fantastic Humber Arm

The Humber Arm is a long, deep, and several kilometres-wide fjord on Newfoundland's Central West Coast. It was charted by Captain Cook in 1768, prior to his ship's journey to the antipodes. Humber Harm extends from the Gulf of St Lawrence to the city of Corner Brook, a distance of more than 30 kilometers. Bottle Cove is located just a few kilometres to the south of the entrance to the Humber Arm. Lark Harbour and York Harbour are on the south shore of the arm, in the vicinity of the Bay of Islands, charted by Cook, and whose charts remain reliable and are used to this day. Whenever we travel to and from Bottle Cove we share the friendship of the Humber Arm for almost a solid hour. The drive is slow, especially near dusk, because as any local knows you have to Watch Out for Moose. But as the following pix make perfectly clear, it would be an inconscionable waste of opportunity to feast on majestic beauty to make the drive too quickly -- even if one were driving it every day. The trip is sublime, and the Arm has many moods. Today's mood was clear, bright, blue and tranquil.

Here's looking at you, Humber Arm.


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