Saturday, November 18, 2006

Walking Signal Hill in St John's Newfoundland

On the first evening when the conference has finished for the day we went walking with our great pal, Guy Merchant, who was also over to do a keynote at the conference. The light was fading, but we decided we would walk the renowned Signal Hill track and photograph what we could. With a new found friend from St John's to guide us we drove to the carpark at the northern end of the loop walk and set off. The walk took almost an hour and a half, and was sublime -- like almost every walk one takes anywhere in the stunning beauty of Newfoundland. The sun was going down, throwing light onto unforgettable wildflower colours set against barren rock outcrops reminiscent of the landscape at Rose Blanche. We walked and talked revelling in the chance to catch up again with Guy and to take in his awe at the sheer beauty of this land -- this Rock -- we have come to love so much. A primordial place that is wholly unique. As unique as Mexico, for which in so many ways it is the perfect complement.

The following pix are in sequence from the northern starting point, around the east to the south. The sun gave out before we completed the loop to the quirky northern side of St John's harbour, where houses cling to rocks with the water immediately beneath.


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