Sunday, January 24, 2010

Clearing the finca garden

Today was a long day of clearing weeds in the front part of the finca. I was glad of the shade from all the trees, and went more than 6 hours without a break. These pix may give a bit of a sense of the work done during the day. They are taken with a low res camera -- an Olympus, that we bought last time there was an AERA conference in New Orleans -- but hopefully there is enough definition to give a sense of the work involved.

The only pic that merits a specific mention is the first one showing a plant propped up by a stick. This propping was the work of David's young son, Jose Alfredo, who I talked about yesterday over at everydayliteracies A closer up pic would reveal that he had chosen a branch that had in turn spread out into three branches, such that there were like 3 sawn off finger stumps at the end. He had used these to wedge the plant stem so it would stay secure. Jose Alfredo would be maybe 6 years old. Great kid.


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