Monday, August 15, 2011

Some recent work at the Cove

We've managed to do a bit of painting and a bit of early landscaping and a few other things about the place in Bottle Cove. The following pix will help to update the story.

Some of the pix show interior painting in the barn, getting some colour onto the walls, as well as a bit of cupboard building and some simple devices for hanging tools up. Michele did the painting and I did the 'building'. The paint looks great, and there's been a bit more since these photos were taken. There is also a shot of the back of the house showing a new coat of paint. We've bought a long ladder and the top third of the other sides will be completed in short order. It was a bit hairy painting the back of the cottage using the ladder we have had to date. Some other random shots show the new workhorse (car and utility trailer), and the original workhorse (Mustang), now enjoying a calmer lifestyle.

Other pix will show some uses to which off-cuts of timber from the deck extension have been put: a small 'deck' to house some pot plants, and a couple of planters (a hanging planter and a sitting planter).

There are also a couple of pix of an experimental retaining wall built to a description of a design our friend Dennis saw in Florida and related to us. It involves making shallow trenches where you want the wall to go, and then stacking bags of ready-mix concrete (qwikcrete), and driving some steel rod through the bags and down into the ground to tie them in place.


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