Saturday, November 18, 2006

If it's not pirates, it must be ..... vikings

Video recording a doctoral candidature confirmation seminar provided a perfect reason to skive off from Montreal to a few days and get back to Bottle Cove. October is the month where it starts to get cool on the Rock, but there are ample sleeping bags in the barn to make it an attractive proposition. Plus, I wanted to check out progress on the cottage building.

What I did not count on was getting to see some local industry conducted at the behest of a film company making a film to be called "The Outlander". Filmed partly in Nova Scotia and partly in the Lark Harbour area around Bottle Cove, the Outlander called for the construction of a replica viking long ship. As luck would have it, the day I was heading back for Montreal was the day they were launching the long ship at Little Port, just next door to Bottle Cove. I caught up with the articulation on the road.

And Ray and Gary have made great progress on the cottage. Winter came early and there was not enough time to clad the cottage in the weatherboard style of the old saltbox houses we are imitating. But the general idea is clear enough and with luck will be realised by the end of the next northern summer.


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