Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas in Mexico City

It was a very quiet Christmas this year. We stayed in the City rather than going over to the house, where there is always work waiting.

There were two main events. On Christmas day we ventured into the centro of Coyoacan and attended an afternoon mass, and walked around the centro, stopping at the nacimiento and spending some time sitting in the park..

The following day we hopped on one of the very comfortable CDMX (new branding for Mexico City) eco buses, and followed the western perimeter of the city to the Comercial Santa Fe, which remains to date the largest shopping mall in Latin America. It is situated high above Mexico City off the road to Toluca. We were amazed at the number of new roadways and tunnels that have been built since we first arrived here, and were once again stunned by the scale and scope of this wonderful town. The Santa Fe area is where many of the multinational corporations with a presence in Mexico have their head offices. From vantage points near to upscale Santa Fe it is possible to look over to some of the poorest areas of the metropolis, capturing at a glance much of what some 1970s development theorists referred to as "combined and uneven development".


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