Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monte Alban, Oaxaca

The UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site at Monte Alban is among the most ancient in mesoamerica, and near to the heart of Oaxaca City. It was the heart of Zapotec civilisation for over a millennium dating from around 400 BC. It is an easy half-day exploration, although a full day makes for a more leisurely and reflective experience.

Finally, a couple of pictures of the famous Tomb Seven, unearthed in the early 1930s by Alfonso Caso. Much of Monte Alban had been looted previously, even though it had largely escaped archaeological attention until Caso's discovery. Tomb Seven proved that the Monte Alban site had been used by Mixtecs following its abandonment by the Zapotecs around 1000AD. It appears that the Mixtecs mainly used the site for burying their own dignitaries.


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