Wednesday, July 11, 2018

More old ice and the charm of Goose Bay

After seeing the icebergs at St Anthony Bight and St Carols on the Friday evening we were up in good time on Saturday morning to check out the icebergs at Goose Bay. The weather was cold for summer, around 8 degrees and with a strong wind by the time we got out to the cliff overlooking Goose Bay. The icebergs were further off shore than the ones we had seen the night before, but we could bring them up well enough on the camera zoom. And there was plenty more to see,

There were some nice views of the Goose Bay township and harbour.

And the walk along the cliff top reminded us of the sheer harshness of so much Newfoundland terrain, and the hardiness of its plant life.

From there it was off to Fisherman's Point back in St Anthony to view the first iceberg we had seen the night before from the other side.

We had agreed to meet Niketa for lunch at the local Tim Hortons, and she had something to five us. A friend of her father had kindly gone out to one the icebergs and carved off some ice for us. And Niketa's dad had put it into a cooler for us to bring home. We can state with absolute confidence that this will be the purest water ice we have ever used for mixing a drink. 

And it is certainly the oldest!


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