Monday, September 17, 2012

Finca coming into its own

17 September 2012 was the day on which I first saw our coffee land approaching the beautiful space we had always hoped it could be. Unfortunately, I only had a very old lo res camera with me, and it was a bright day.

David has done a wonderful job of taking care of it over the summer, helped by abundant rains. He has even managed to start pushing the lawn further toward the side, but planting trimmings. There are two super abundant chilli nurseries, and some lettuce and radish are coming away. The herb garden is picking up and the mandarin tree is loaded, although you cannot tell that from the pic.

The flower gardens, with interspersed coffee plants, have really begun to come away. It was wonderful seeing it looking so well.

I hope it looks as good next time I have my SLR.


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