Monday, August 06, 2012

Cod and Cottage

It's a terrible thing to say, but if this Newfoundland summer is global warming I'd be seriously tempted to say "Bring it on". It has been one sunny hot day after another, with only 3 gentle rainy days that I can recall since 22 June. Occasionally, the wind gets up too much for ladder work, but there has been plenty else to do about the place, and the locals have had excellent weather for the "Food Fishery" -- 2 weeks or so in which people are allowed to catch cod for personal consumption (NOT for sale), up to a limit of 5 cod per person per day.

This post will include some pix of the painting done on the cottage, some of the garden work at the back of the property, a random shot of the doorstep we made using a few flagstones, and of our neighbour Perry's best day of the food fishery, shared with his uncle Bernie. They took their quota of 10 cod, filleting one for us, and also caught a fine catch of mackerel, where we were again beneficiaries.


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