Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To the Little Port Lighthouse

This is the only walk in the Bottle Cove area that is graded as extreme: both from the wharf to Little Port Light. There are two versions of the walk, both "Extreme", but one is shorter by quite some distance than the other. Because we had already walked to Cedar Cove and time was getting on in the afternoon, we took the shorter option. It was steep and in several places there were more or less clear falls down a few hundred feet if you slipped. But these areas had good strong ropes to hang onto.

When you arrive at the light you can still see the foundations for where the building and the original lighthouse were, but now it is just a small solar powered affair. The views are fabulous, and from half way along the walk to the end you can see into Bottle Cove from the south.

While the walk is graded as extreme it is very manageable. The ropes make it reasonably easy, even on a very limited "motorcycle leg".


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