Friday, June 27, 2008

Building on the coffee land

While our June stay in Coatepec was cruelly short there was nonetheless sufficient time to progress work on the coffee land just a little. The workshop/toolshed had been completed a few months ago and we wanted to seal it up with a coat of paint. Meanwhile, Gabriel had put a team of builders together to construct a small open sided kitchen (basically, a concrete and tiled roof sitting on four concrete columns over a concrete tiled floor), that will come into its own for the next coffee harvest at Christmas time. Over a couple of days we went out and did some painting, did a bit of gardening, and generally enjoyed hanging out in these lovely surroundings.

Most of the following pix will be pretty self-evident, but anyone with an interest in building may find the "tree trunk tool" a little different. The rods have been driven into the trunk for bending the steel rod to make the circular stirrups for the column reinforcing. The concrete is all mixed by hand.

Rooftop Meals

One of the real joys of living in Coatepec is being able to eat up on the roof and enjoy the expansive views over the town. This time was especially special because a pair of yellow breasted fly catcher birds had built a nest in a nearby power pole and they provided excellent aero-acrobatics, especially after their young left the nest and were being taught how to dive and turn. Great birds. Indeed, there were birds everywhere this summer, making a long awaited recovery after their decimation by an evil bird flu some years ago. Meanwhile, simple fare for dinner, but the chili gave it a million dollar taste.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

After a long hard winter

We were told the Newfoundland winter had been harsh this year, but had no idea what that might mean for the cottage and barn. Some photos taken by our friend, Julie, tells part of the story so far as some of the paint that was applied in a hurry last summer is concerned. Nonetheless, the paint is easily fixed. Just as long as the heating system worked well enough to protect the concrete floors and foundations we'll be happy.

Here are the pix Julie took on a day that sported blue sky and sun for a time but was overtaken by mist a little later. It also looks like Harvey has a new ATV.