Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some summer work at the Cove

Each summer we try to maintain the house and barn from the ravages of the climate, but also we aim to add something to the place as a whole to make it a richer environment for living in and around while we are there. This summer we put a fair bit into maintenance, but there was also time to build a small sheltered deck off the streetside of the barn, as well as to build up the gardens that run as a quarter circle from behind the barn around the back of the cottage and down the hillside edge of the land toward the Cove.

The most reliable climactic feature at the Cove is the wind. Most of it comes from the south, although it can blow in any direction and, seemingly, from several at the same time. Living outdoors is best done out of the wind. This means building living space that has good shelter from the wind. Last year we built a big deck up behind the barn. It works fine, and gives a nice view of the gardens, but little of the Cove. This year we built alongisde the front half of the barn to give a really nice view of the cove and surrounding landscape, and had the chance to make good use of it as the evenings got warmer. It gave great shelter, meaning we can cook as well as eat out there.

So far as the garden goes, in addition to replenishing the soil and adding some nice plants to existing beds, we also built another couple of beds and began laying out the area for a rock garden. Eventually, a rock garden will run from the end of the flower beds to the cove side of the land.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Another summer at the Cove

After a brutally cold and long winter at Bottle Cove there was no telling how well things would have held up at the cottage. Would the experiment with a different paint have worked. Would anything in the garden have survived. Would there be any critters left to tell the tale.

The summer so far has been pretty cool, but there have been few rainy days and a lot less wind than during the past few years. All in all things are in much better shape than we anticipated.

As always, it is absolutely wonderful to be here.