Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hit and run

I have just 2 days in Coatepec and the wet weather has left a lot to be done about the house. Nonetheless, an early waking by the cathedral bells this morning made it possible to gain a couple of hours on the day. So I fired up Midnight and we went out to the finca to check how things are going. The short answer is that the wet period over the last month has really brought the plant life on -- coffee, decoratives and weeds alike. High spot was to see that the splint job Goyo and I did on a broken macademia plantling seems to be working OK. The chili bush is coming along, the banana plants are growing like topsy, and the coffee crop looks humungous and has not been troubled by the wet weather. And there was a white flower of one of the gardenias.

Some of these pix are totally mundane because they portray plants that were struggling at the house and have been transplanted to give them a new lease on life. They are doing well. Meanwhile, the neighbor's home and wall at the entry to our land is now pretty much finished. The entry driveway itself is in need of a major clean up, and one of the main jobs over January and February, after the coffee is cropped and processed, will be to put a permanent driveway in. We'll also complete the well so that it has a concrete interior and a nice clean bottom.

The following pix are low res, taken with my old Olympus camera, but hopefully they convey a bit of how it was out there this morning.