Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beach spotting

I took three days over the past weekend to drive south from Cairns along the Whitsunday Coast, dropping in on some beaches I had never seen before and walking around a few small hamlets that called out to me from the map.

One of the fun things I discovered was how well the Flip Mino takes video at reasonably good traveling speeds. This superb little single function gadget can be turned on to record and comfortably held whilst driving along. It also did a pretty good job of tuning into the freshly burned roms that kept the music coming over the 2500 kilometers covered along the way.

Three of Etty Bay to start with:

Now a few of Mission Beach and Dunk Island

And a few of Sarina Beach, which i loved:

And three of Yeppoon.

I took quick videos of Etty Bay and Cardwell:

And of Mission and Sarina Beaches, and a bay adjacent to Sarina's main beach

And here are a couple of short clips of road scenes. In one of them you may here Bob Dylan presenting a snippet of his wonderful theme time radio show. So we'll start with a segment of the Cassowary drive, south from Mission Beach

Now some typical bush scenery bside the road near Townsville.

Some sugar country south of Ayr

Around here the speedometer clock reached the most notable landmark I was likely to witness on this trip, so I preserved it for posterity.

Here's a stretch of road off the Bruce Highway leading to Hay Point and Sarina Beach

Just south of Sarina someone was pushing a crazy idea of going to Memphis in the meantime, baby: but reason prevailed.

I liked Carmila, with its wide open spaces and country feel.

Camila even had a short stretch of the Old Bruce Highway.

And a clip taken whilst heading toward Marlborough.

And, finally, Yeppoon.