Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kuopio city centre

We only had a short time between buses to see what we could of the town. Fortunately, the bus terminal was just a few short blocks from the centre, and we were able to see some very interesting architecture in a single intense burst.

From Jyvaskyla to Kuopio by bus

On our last day in Finland we made an afternoon bus trip to Kuopio, a couple of hours from Jyvaskyla. The trip wound through the countryside bordering the many lakes and made numerous stops to pick up and drop off people in the numerous small towns along the way.

Jyvaskyla Jiving

We had a week in the Central Finland town of Jyvaskyla in early June, presenting at a conference. Jyvaskyla is the heart of the Finnish Lake District and is also known as the town where the great architect Alvar Aalto did much of his work. Whilst there we walked around the town plenty, went on a dinner cruise, and visited the Alvar Aalto museum (as well as attending the conference).