Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A little deck building at the Cove

The fine weather just before we went back for the second week of teaching provided a chance to build the extension to the original deck out the front of the cottage overlooking the Cove. The first deck was built small because in those days we had the fanciful idea of building a built in sun room with maximum views of the Cove. Those plans have now given way to building a verendah that runs the length of the cottage, providing shelter for using the deck when the weather is not so good but we want to be outside nonetheless, and providing protection for the lower half of the front of the cottage which bears the brunt of the storms that blow in from the Cove entrance. The verendah will also provide an excellent platform for painting the top parts of the wall, just as the mudroom and planned smaller verendah out the back will do there. I can reach the top row of siding with a brush from the mudroom, so what works at the back should work at the front as well.

So, the first phase of the plan involved extending the original deck. Michele took a few pictures of the building in process, and I took a few once everything was done. Some of the pix show the long grass growth of the spring, which others catch what it looks like now the mower has gone over it, following the first scything with the weed eater.