Friday, December 25, 2009

South side of Acapulco

On our brief jaunt to Acapulco we took photos from Alex's Dad's place, from a walk Michel took to buy a bikini to have a swim in the hotel pool, from the hotel room, and from a walk down the hill toward the main town ahead of flagging a cab.

There were numerous jokes about cartel mansions and trickle down from the narco economy.

On our previous trip to Acapulco we stayed in the downtown and never got to this part of the city.

We love Acapulco. Maximum tourist town that has been postmodern from the beginning.

Fun and sun

Just a quick vid of the hotel and view in Acapulco. The hotel is Los Flamingos and was a favourite among 50s and 60s Hollywood stars. I guess it made a change from Malibu.