Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trip to Amish Country: Coyote Crossing on the way home

One of the first people we met in the apartment complex where we live in Mexico City was our friend Carlos. Carlos had worked for some time in the US and always likes a chance to keep in touch with his English. We've thoroughly enjoyed our talks over more than a decade, and during the time that Michele has been working in New Jersey Carlos has often reminded us that he has family there and nearby.

He has often suggested that we drop in on the restaurant founded and run by his son Carlos Jnr. The restaurant is called Coyote Crossing, in Conshohocken, PA.

Carlos had said to be sure to call before we went, but we were in such a hurry that we didn't really know whether there would be time on this trip to call in, or not. So we took pot luck.

We arrived in time to have lunch. We decided to eat inside rather than outside, having seen plenty of sun already on the trip. We ordered, and the waiter set about locating Carlos Jnr, who was out and about keeping the restaurant supplied. We said we'd call back in December and dedicate some planned time, but as it happened Carlos got the messages and made it back to the restaurant just as we were driving out.

The rapid entry of the Audi sports car rang a bell of recognition based upon a loose theory of family resemblances, and sure enough it was Carlos. We had a good chat and introduction before heading out.

Perhaps all that needs to be said about the meal -- Michele had enchiladas and I had a chilli verde burrito (what else ...) -- is that it is by a very long distance the best Mexican meals we have ever had in the US. Absolutely superb, and the equal of the best Mexican restaurant food we have had in Mexico as well. For the US clientele, Carlos and staff have obviously added some flourishes we have not seen often in Mexico -- at least, outside high end places catering mainly for tourists -- and the presentation matched the food quality. The restaurant decor was superb.

We heartily recommend Coyote Crossing to anyone in the area of Philadelphia. It is well worth taking the Route 76 (276, 476) option just to have the chance to call in.

Here is our image recording -- in conventional and pop art formats -- of a memorable meal. We can't wait to get back.

Trip to Amish Country: Using the pop art function

This was fun.

Trip to Amish Country: In and around Intercourse, PA

We got into Amish country proper around 6pm and quickly checked into the motel. We figured there would be enough light to get some good pictures of some of the farms and farmlands in the immediate vicinity of the Amish heartland town of Intercourse, PA.

I took photos using conventional settings, but also thought that the late evening light might lend itself well to the pop art effect. So I took a mix of both.

I did the same thing the next morning when we just walked around the town centre.

The following photos use conventional (non art) settings.