Friday, July 16, 2010

A quick visit to Louisbourg, Nova Scotia

After class finished on the first fine afternoon in North Sydney we made a quick run to Louisbourg to take a look at the fort. The fort is a reconstruction of the original edifice built by the French in the early 18th century as part of their defence infrastructure for Quebec City. The British sacked the town and the fort on two occasions. The Canadian government funded the reconstruction of the fort on the original scale and location, following the traces/ruins that remained and the massive documentation records (after all,this was a French establishment) that exist). It is the largest Canadian reconstruction effort, by some distance eclipsing the Viking village reconstruction we saw last summer.

Here is a sequence of photos taken from the short walk from the bus leading to the Dauphin Gate,and going on to look through the Governor's residence and on to the Engineer's home.

We'll take in the rest of the complex at some other time.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Cove update

We leave tomorrow for a week working in Cape Breton, and it is high time to catch up with the small amount that has happened this trip to date. Much of the time, in between the rain, has been spent painting the barn, building a small mud room in front of the main entry to the cottage (Lawrence doing the "fine" work and us doing the easy stuff), and -- well -- looking at the tide roll in and out of the cove.